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DCA Annual Show 2017

Drumbeg Cup winners 2017

Drumbeg Residents' Association Cup 1990- - Best in Show - Maura Matthews
Drumbeg Residents Cup 1992- Best Flower, Fruit or Vegetable - Rosemary Reid
Rose of Drumbeg - Special class award - Rosemary Reid
Drumbeg Cup - Best exhibit in young peoples section - Mai-Ya & Danny Chew
DRA Jubilee Cup - Judges choice from non cup winners - Audrey Jackson
Mark Crowe Cup - Floral Art - Elma McDonald
Farris Cup Baking and Preserves - G Browne
Diamond Jubilee Cup - Photography and Craft - Maura Matthews
Drumbeg Parish Cup - Jam - Sharon Reilly
DRA Cup 2016 - Household with most entries- Michael Scott and Margaret Jordan
DRA Cup 2016 - Tomatoes- Irene MacWilliam
WI Cup 2016 - Victoria Sponge - Rosalind Bloomfield

Brian Bloomfield MBE presented the awards.

Amy Clarke 2nd in an adult baking class

Piece of craftwork

Home made card

Rose of Drumbeg

DRA Jubilee Cup - Judges Choice - Audrey Jackson


Young Person's Cup - Mai-Ya & Danny Chew


Drumbeg Parish Cup - Jam - Sharon Reilly

Flower Arrangements

Farris Cup - Home Baking and Preserves - G Browne

Rosemary Reid winner of Rose of Drumbeg cup


Jams, Jellies, Marmalade classes


for donation to neonatal unit

DRA Cup 2016 - Household with most entries Michael Scott and Margaret Jordan


Mark Crowe cup - Elma McDowell

Ptchwork over 1 metre

DRA Cup 1992 Flowers Fruit and Vegetables - Rosemary Reid

Wheaten Bread

Small item of patchwork


WI 2016 cup for Victoria Sandwich - Rosalind Bloomfield

Nurses were delighted to receive the knitted items for the neo natal unit of RVH today especially as they had just run out of bootees.
They expressly asked me to pass on how much this work was appreciated by staff and parents.
DRA handed over 139 jackets, 83 hats, 32 sets bootees, 12 angel blankets.
Some of the items handed over had been displayed at our
Drumbeg Residents’ Association Annual Village Show held on the first weekend of September 2017.

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