Drumbeg Community Association

Pupils Mrs Sandra Sinnerton Mrs Norma Rollins Basil Cahoon Ian Branson Philip Waters Mr W J Patton Scott Mrs Margaret Clarke Mrs Lottie Shields Thompson Moore Katherine Dunlop Julie-Anne Holliday Heather Luke Alison Shields Jenifer Rollins Catherine McAdam Jeanette Watson Sharon Spence Joanne Clarke John Patterson Donna Combes Stuart Lee Ciaran Sinnerton Nicholas Connolly Ian Clarke Colin Patterson Frances Spence Michelle Branson Julie Campbell Michael MacWilliam Susan MacWilliam Siobhan Sinnerton Raymond Gray Jonathan Elliott Clive Ford Lucinda Bailey Judith Wright Gillian Bailey Norman McGlade Yvonne Rollins Jonathan Williamson Carol Campbell Angela Rosbotham Johnny Johnston

1979 Mrs Sandra Sinnerton of the Parent Teacher Association of Charley Memorial Primary School presenting a Video Cassette Recorder to the Principal, Mr W J Patton Scott.

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1 Basil Cahoon
2 Ian Branson
3 Philip Waters
4 Mr W J Patton Scott
5 Mrs Sandra Sinnerton
6 Thompson Moore
7 Mrs Margaret Clarke
8 Mrs Lottie Shields
9 Mrs Norma Rollins
10 John Patterson
11 Katherine Dunlop
12 Julie-Anne Holliday
13 Ian Clarke
14 Raymond Gray
15 Jonathan Elliott

16 Clive Ford
17 Johnny Johnston
18 Heather Luke
19 Stuart Lee
20 Norman McGlade
21 Ciaran Sinnerton
22 Nicholas Connolly
23 Susan MacWilliam
24 Siobhan Sinnerton
25 Judith Wright
26 Lucinda Bailey
27 Angela Rosbothom
28 Carol Campbell
29 Gillian Bailey
30 Donna Combes

31 Catherine McAdam
32 Alison Shields
33 Colin Patterson
34 Frances Spence
35 Michelle Branson
36 Jonathan Williamson
37 Michael MacWilliam
38 Julie Campbell
39 Yvonne Rollins
40 Joanne Clarke
41 Sharon Spence
42 Jeanette Watson
43 Jenifer Rollins


Photograph from Susan MacWilliam