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Vol 4 No 2 October 2007 Online edition



As reported in the April issue of Drumbeg News, the original BMAP Drumbeg A proposal was withdrawn in April 2007, though Drumbeg B between Quarterlands Road and the M1 Motorway remained under consideration by Belfast City Council.
The Council has completed trial borings and soil sampling on this site. The Action Committee has obtained preliminary information on the results of this investigation. This indicates that soil conditions at Drumbeg B are by no means ideal for burial purposes. However, Belfast City Council has not yet made a final decision on which of the four potential sites should be made the subject of a planning application, and the Action Committee remains in readiness to address any future decisions or developments as they arise.
A fuller report will be given at the AGM.

The closure of Charley Memorial was marked by a number of events during its last term. In May there was a thanksgiving service in St Patrick’s Church. The service included a welcome from current pupils, readings of psalms and poetry, reminiscence by Lily Skelton who attended the school in 1930s, a recorder recital by a large and enthusiastic group of past-pupils and a solo by past-pupil Olivia Crooks. Afterwards there was a get-together at the school including a display of the huge archive of Charley photographs, speeches from, amongst others, Col Charley and principal Miss Forsythe, and tea and cake. In June a barbecue was held for all the past and present families and staff. The school was full and the PTA from through the Charley generations provided food. The evening was also a celebration of Mrs Marilyn Campbell’s retirement after 16 years at Charley. She was presented with the old school bell and money for wooden garden benches and chairs. The final assembly was held on the last day of term in June. It was an opportunity for those currently connected with the school to say thank you and goodbye to each other. We regret the closure and the last term was very emotional but all the celebrations were an affirmation of the great affection and esteem in which Charley Memorial in held. Thank you to all staff, past pupils and PTA, governors and friends of the school.

In June 2002, to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the Residents’ Association and the PTA presented two seats to Charley Memorial School. Following the closure of the school the two seats have been placed in the grounds of St Patrick’s Church, Drumbeg.
They have each acquired a new plaque stating: Re-Presented to the Drumbeg Community on the closure of Charley Memorial Primary School June 2007.

Thursday 8th November 2007 at 7.30 pm in the Orange Hall, Ballyskeagh Road.
We need you to come and support us.
Updates on our year’s activities
Latest on the proposed Cemeteries A + B
Come and tell us what you want for Drumbeg and District.
Speaker, Dr Billy Nelson of the Renal Unit, Belfast City Hospital.


Lobbies for improvements to the area through our local councillors… cleaning and repair of footpaths etc, the planting of bulbs and trees around the area.
Organises the Christmas tree and the switching on of lights carol service.
Activities and outings for Senior Citizens
A sub committee has been working for the past two and half years opposing the proposal of Belfast City Council to site a massive cemetery in the Drumbeg area.
Applies for grants for above activities and facilities.
Organises the Neighbourhood Watch
Runs a website covering all local activities and past history of the area.
Organises the Flower and Vegetable Show
Together with the Rector helps organise the Annual Community Service
Produces at least twice a year a copy of Drumbeg News.

If you have complaints or proposals of ways to help the area please write to a committee member or email: info@drumbegresidentsassociation.com You may wish to keep your identity anonymous; that is fine.

You may not wish to serve on the committee but please come and support the work they do by attending the AGM.

Best wishes go to Alison Keith who recently retired from the committee. During the summer she moved to France to live. She oversaw Horticultural and Rural Issues; she was responsible for the tree and bulb planting in our area. We wish her well and offer our thanks for her help in the past

DRA WEBSITE by Irene MacWilliam

On the opening page there is an area listing forthcoming local events. There are links to over 45 pages. They range from the history of the locality to police reports, local services with links and contact details, times and venues of all local organisations, and newsletters of the Association dating back to April 2004.

Daily reports from the PSNI are sent to our email address. On the police page I put up anything relevant or touching on our area, also warnings about rogue traders and scams

The Hot News page is used to keep you up to date with the latest news of our neighbourhood. In the past few years it has had details of the progress and advice on fighting the Cemetery A and other planning applications. If a planning application is put in for Drumbeg B site you can keep up to date with progress in the fight against it by checking our website.
There are lots of photographs throughout the site. If you have any photos that you feel would add to the interest of the site please contact me through the Association’s email.


Drumbeg Residents Association offer their congratulations to Darren Crowe of Quarterlands Road on his winning the South of Ireland Amateur Golf Championships at Lahinch on Wednesday 1st August. Darren had been the runner up in 2005 and 2006. Well done.

Badminton Club
Meets every Wednesday (September to April) in the Church Hall. Contact Hazel O’Hara—Juniors 6.30-8.15 pm Adults 8.15-9.30 pm
Table Tennis Club
Meets every Wednesday (September to April) in the Church Hall Juniors 6.30 - 8.15 pm Adults 8.15 - 9.30 pm
Drumbeg Art Club
Meets every Thursday afternoon (September to May) in the Church Hall 2.00 - 4.00 pm. The club has 25 members and new members are always welcome. Contact Michael Boyd
Drumbeg Women's Institute
Meets 3rd Thursday of every month (September to June) in the Orange Hall, Ballyskeagh Road. Varied programme of speakers, activities and outings. All welcome.
Ladies Fellowship
8.00 pm on 1st Tuesday each month October to March in Church Hall. Contact Emily Twadell
Tuesdays 6.30 and 8.00 pm, - in the Church Hall. Bring your own mat. Contact Loraine Elliott
Gardening Club
Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall. Events include talks, garden visits and social activities. Contact Audrey Jackson
Indoor Bowls
Mondays 7.30 pm in the Church Hall (September to May). Contact Hilary Branson
Floral Art Class
Meets alternate Saturdays in the Church Hall. 10.30 - 12.30 pm. Contact Dorrie O’Hara
Lagan Valley Investment Club
7.30 pm on 3rd Thursday each month. Contact Ralph Fetherston
Drumbeg Ramblers
Wednesdays meet in the car park 10am sharp


Drumbeg Residents’ Association has litter pickers to lend. Why not take one on your daily walk and keep our area clean. Apply through the website


The boxes are made in Drumbeg by Adam Boreham and his grandfather Matt Neill. They comply with the recommendations of the RSPB. Money raised from selling these boxes will help Adam to participate in "World Challenge" in Northern India in 2008 where among other tasks, he will join a team helping to build homes in the poorer villages. email through website for details


On Tuesday 12th June twenty four members and friends left Drumbeg in two mini-buses provided by Lisburn City Council on the annual summer outing which was this year to Newcastle. On our way we stopped at Brennan’s Café at Loughinisland where we had coffee with scones or cakes. On arriving in Newcastle everyone enjoyed a stroll along the promenade and a browse through the shops which seemed profitable judging by the number of bags carried back to the bus. Although dull the weather was warm and pleasant. It was then on to the Enniskeen Hotel for lunch where everyone enjoyed the excellent food and the very friendly, homely atmosphere and to quote one of the ladies “it was nice to sit down and be served such a lovely meal in beautiful surroundings”. We left for home at 3.15 p.m. and the weather at this time had turned to rain. It was a great outing enjoyed by all.



Our Community Association held its 24th annual Flower and Vegetable Show on September 1st. As the centrepiece event in the community’s calendar it is always eagerly anticipated by everyone in the district. It was held in St. Patrick’s Church Parochial Hall.

The weather on the day was not promising. Early exhibitors’ arrival was accompanied by an overcast sky and steady drizzle; not at all a promising opening to the day. Happily gardeners are a hardy sort and are apparently undeterred by a little ‘damp’ in the air. Fortunately as the bustle of activity increased the sun came out. To my mind there are fewer more beautiful sights than seeing Drumbeg Church Hall full of plants and flowers with the sun streaming through its long windows. The place almost seems to glow. There were around 200 exhibits across the Classes by the close of staging. Mr. John McCausland who is an old friend of the event acted as show judge. John has a passion for begonias and has the most wonderful display every year in his garden. Where most of us might try our hand at a few he cultivates them in their hundreds! Despite his years, his enthusiasm and energy for gardening remains undiminished. This year he had particular praise for the fruit and vegetable growers who despite the difficult weather conditions had still been able to produce entries of a very high quality.

The show was opened by the well known amateur golfer Darren Crowe of Drumbeg. Young Darren is one of the foremost amateur golfers in Ireland; his most recent success being victory in the South of Ireland Amateur Open Championship this year. Darren confessed to not being much of a gardener although he did

admit to having dug himself into the odd hole on the golf course! We were very grateful to him for staying to present the Class Certificates and Show Cups.

We were also privileged to have the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service Band to provide musical accompaniment which proved a very fitting backdrop to the whole event and was much appreciated by all. As an added attraction the children were given an introduction to Mad Science. The eccentric professor dressed in a white coat and hair trying to escape in all directions held an audience of young and not-so-young in thrall as he demonstrated, through the use of tubes, bottles, a hair dryer and two drain plungers, some of the weird, wonderful and unbelievable properties of the world around us. There was mention of a chair of nails but I didn’t ask!

The main awards were:

Best in Show—Sandra Abbott
Best Fruit and Vegetable Exhibit - Roy O’Neill
Best Floral Art Exhibit - Sandra Abbott
Children’s Cup - Oliver Ryder Moore for the his delightful miniature garden on a plate.

Thanks need to be extended to the church (Rev. R. Devenney and his Officers) for all their assistance and every business and individual who contributed to the Show ballot and the Sales Table.

Last but not least where would we be without the gardening enthusiasts? Who every year, come rain, hail or shine, delight and amaze with what they are able to conjure out of the earth in time for the event. Without you and your endeavours there would be no Show. Thank you all.


I was very pleased to see, after two phone calls, that Lisburn Council have cleared away all the weeds and grass growing at Drum Bridge. It looks much better now but already there are signs of weeds appearing again. Would it not be better to tarmac the inside edge of the footpath to prevent them growing again? It is such a lovely old bridge and deserves to be looked after by this community.

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