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Vol 4 No 1 April 2007 Online edition

Updates on DRUMBEG CEMETERIES A and B by Tony Hegarty

By now you have probably heard that the BMAP proposal to zone land for a cemetery at Drumbeg has been removed from BMAP. However do not get over excited as this is only a small part of the picture.

The article below may seem rather long but I would ask you to read it carefully as it is a comprehensive report on what has unfurled since September 2006

If I can take you back to our last Newsletter in October 2006. At that time we had received letters with a questionnaire from the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC). We had also become aware that Belfast City Council’s Consultants had prepared a report in Spring 2006 identifying four sites for consideration as future cemetery provision. One of these sites is known as Drumbeg B, shaded part on the map (this is not the site within BMAP). In August 2006 Belfast City Council wrote to Lisburn City Council seeking their views on the revised site at Drumbeg. Lisburn City Council advised Belfast City Council that the Council remains opposed to any proposal for the development of any cemetery in the Drumbeg area.

We did not let this new development deflect us from the BMAP proposal and continued to work preparing for the BMAP Public Inquiry. In November 2006 at the PAC 1st pre Inquiry Meeting the timetable was set out thus:
14 February 2007 Evidence to be submitted –
21 February 2007 Evidence to be exchanged and the 2nd pre Inquiry Meeting to take place that evening.
16 April 2007 The BMAP Public Inquiry to open.

So the timetable was set for the Inquiry and it was full steam ahead in preparing our evidence in conjunction with our Planning Consultant Dr Dale Singleton

We then became aware that Belfast City Council was reconsidering their position as they were going to have to produce evidence to justify their case by 14 February 2007.
Belfast City Council was holding their monthly meeting on 1 February 2007 and our group arranged to get entrance to the public gallery. The Council was presented with the minutes of the Council’s Community & Recreation Committee and at the meeting on 16 January 2007 was a recommendation to full council that “the Council should concede its application for the land currently zoned at Drumbeg A under the advice of both planning expertise and legal counsel” This advice was given as it would “appear to be very unlikely that the Council would be successful in defending its zoning application at Drumbeg A in the draft BMAP”. The Council accepted this recommendation .

Despite this we continued and on 13 February 2007 we submitted our evidence to the PAC and on 14 February 2007 attended the 2nd pre Inquiry Meeting. What happened next left us shell shocked as the Commissioner then announced that since no evidence in support of the proposal had been submitted, Drumbeg A was being removed from BMAP and there was no case to be heard on 16 April 2007. We did not expect it to happen in this way. Dr Singleton, on our behalf, requested that the PAC or Planning Service place a notice in the press or inform the residents of Drumbeg of the removal of this proposal from BMAP. We still await this and are actively pursuing this as we see this as bringing closure on the BMAP issue.

As mentioned earlier, Belfast City Council’s Consultants Scott Wilson, formerly Ferguson McIlveen, identified four sites for further investigation one of which is known as Drumbeg B.



Drumbeg A


Drumbeg B



There has been some confusion on the location of this site – see map. Entering the Quarterlands Road from the Ballyskeagh Road this site is all the land on the right hand side fronting the Quarterlands Road from just beyond the Quarterlands development to approx 200 yards short of the Hillhall Road. The site extends over to the M1 motorway. It is approximately 90 hectares. That is 50% greater than the site which they have conceded.

Those who attended our presentation in the Parish Hall in April 2005 will recall that as far back as 2003 Belfast City Council had earmarked both these sites for development as a cemetery.

At present Belfast City Council has advised the landowners that they will be entering their land to carry out test boring to access the suitability of the land for a cemetery. This has commenced over that past few days.

So the fight goes on. It is our opinion that the Drumbeg B site is no more acceptable than the original site. Your continued support is essential and I would again point out that our City Council has already informed Belfast City Council of its position as stated above.

We have been working at this for over two years mostly in the back of Bob Stewart’s Pub. A big thank you to Jack Gilmore and his staff for putting up with us. Also the meals are hard to beat – try the fajitas.


Local Organisations Reports


The Badminton and Table Tennis Club meets on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 to 9.30 in the Church Hall. The junior Club (ages 11-18) runs from 6.30 to 8.15 (though they will argue that they should play until 8.30). The senior members begin to play at around 8.15.

The Club is not intended to be competitive; people come for the badminton, the table tennis and the chat. We do not have a league or enter tournaments as it is really somewhere for the young people to meet locally and have fun away from the stress of school and the competitiveness of everyday life. The senior badminton Club has not been as successful with numbers this year so there are more opportunities for new members. Obviously this situation delights the junior members who are able to stay on and have an extra game!

The Club will be closing on the 28th March and will be opening again around the 12th September. We would welcome anyone who would like to join. We will be organising a rota of people who would be prepared to give up a couple of hours every month and help to supervise the junior Club, you do not need to know anything about the games, rather we need support for the person in charge of it. It will be very sad if our junior Club has to close, not because we did not have enough members, rather due of lack of volunteers to help.


DRUMBEG ART CLUB by Michael Boyd

The Art Club was formed 6 years ago for members of the local community who have an interest in meeting weekly to paint. The Club is a form of outreach to the surrounding community from St. Patrick's Parish Church and there are currently 27 members, many of whom have no connection with the Church. The Club meets each Thursday between 2-00 pm and 4-30 pm from September until the end of May when it takes a break for the summer.

Each week members normally work on their individual pictures, be it watercolour, acrylic, pastels, or oils. From time to time well known artists are brought along to give guidance and advice. Occasionally artists undertake workshops and work with members on a one to one basis. Skill levels have improved greatly as can be evidenced when members’ works are on show at the Club's Art Exhibition and Sale held in May each year.

Drumbeg Art Club's Annual Exhibition has become well established in the calendar of local events and continues to attract large numbers of people over the two days.

The Exhibition this year will be held, as usual, in the Parish Hall on Friday 18th May from 2pm to 8pm and again on Saturday 19th May from 10am. to 5pm.
New members are always most welcome.


WANT TO JOIN THE D.O.G.S.? by Moira McKelvey

Drumbeg Occasional Golfing Society was formed last September by a group of golfers and aspiring golfers from the local Parish Church. The object of the DOGS is to have fun and fellowship and to meet with old and hopefully new friends by playing golf. Winning prizes is not a prime objective. A meeting called to float the idea was extremely well attended. The name DOGS was agreed and Moira McKelvey was appointed Captain and Michael Boyd was appointed Secretary/Treasurer. The Membership Fee was set at £3 per year to cover administration costs.

It is anticipated that there will be 4 golf outings each year, usually played in team format, with 3/4 players in each team. The Club has already had very successful outings at Edenmore and Malone. Spring and summer outings are planned for later in the year. Membership is open to all within the community. If you have a set of golf Clubs, but no handicap, that is not a problem. Just join us and have a bit of craic.

There are currently 37 members. If anyone is interested in joining you are very welcome. Your details will be placed on the data base and you will automatically receive information on planned outings.


FLORAL ART CLUB by Dorrie O’Hara

The Drumbeg Floral Art Club was formed in October 2004, and operates under the expert tutelage of Mrs Elma McDowell. The Club meets on alternate Saturdays, at 10.30am in Drumbeg Parish Hall, from October to April.

Membership is open to anyone interested.



Classes on Tuesdays 6.30pm or 8.00pm in Drumbeg Church Hall. Beginners welcome – men and women
The yoga classes have been running in Drumbeg Church Hall for some time and the feedback is that everyone has found some benefit from the experience. It is good for the following: Relieving stress - Improving relaxation—Keeping the body flexible - Good for posture - Changes your attitude to life - Helps you to focus on the important things.

Come along. Make time for yourself. Help improve your quality of life.




Drumbeg Bowling Club was formed in 2001. Initially the ladies and gentlemen played on separate evenings, but a decision was taken to join forces to enable the Club to move forward and invite other neighbouring Clubs to compete with us in 'friendly matches'.

In addition to these matches, some three years ago, Hillhall Bowling Club invited Drumbo, Ballycairn and Drumbeg Clubs to join them in forming a 'Fellowship League.' This League now continues with Hillhall, Ballycairn, Belvoir and Drumbeg, each playing a home and away match. The winner of the League at the end of each season has their Club name inscribed on the cup. A nominal collection is also taken at each match and donated to charity at the end of each season.

At present Drumbeg has 33 members, not all of whom attend each Monday of course, but we have a steady attendance, with usually over twenty members playing each week. The Club is open to all and we meet in St. Patrick's Church Hall on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.


Drumbeg Women's Institute meet in the Orange Hall on the 3rd Thursday of each month from September to June.We have a varied programme of speakers, an annual dinner and visits to the theatre, cinema and other institutes. Some members go walking on Wednesday mornings. Others attend a craft group in the afternoon.

We would warmly welcome any women interested in joining us. Speak to a member- there is at least one living near you.



We are known as the "Crafty Ladies" and meet on Wednesday afternoons, 2.15pm to 4.30pm, at 3 Hambleden Park, Drumbeg.

We have no teacher but all enjoy doing their own thing and helping one another. Patchwork, knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, bead-work etc. are among our skills.

A cup of afternoon tea and biscuits during friendly conversation of unimportant matters ends the meeting. Just come along on the day. All ladies are welcome as are those who want to want to get friendly help.



Our first group meeting was on Wednesday 24th March 1999 and since then almost every Wednesday weather permitting.

We meet at the Car Park opposite Drumbeg Church leaving at 10am sharp. W.I Members are insured but non-members if they wish can take out insurance with their own Insurers.

All men, women and dogs are welcome. Most of our rambles are close at hand but further afield trips are arranged a week or so before hand. We are a happy chatty group who enjoy nature at all times of the year.



Mrs Boyd MBE
Congratulations to Mrs Martie Boyd MBE from Drumbeg on her Investiture at Buckingham Palace on November 2. She was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the community in Northern Ireland. Mrs Boyd is Executive Director of the charitable trust Ulster Garden Villages Limited.

Local Golfer
Congratulations to local golfer Darren Crowe who in 2006 won Northern Ireland’s Amateur Open Golf Championships. He was a member of the Ireland Home International Team and a member of the Ulster Senior Interprovincial Team. Over the years Darren has had many successes, between 1997 and 1999 he was on the Ulster and Ireland Boys Teams, between 2000 and 2002 he was on the Ulster and Irish Youth Teams and since 2003 has represented both Ulster and Ireland at Senior level.

Google Competition
In 2006 Google ran a competition to the theme of My Britain. Anne Henderson of Drumbeg was one of Northern Ireland’s 10 finalists. Anne cleverly worked the following into the Google logo, the flag of Northern Ireland, a telephone box, a football, the flag of Scotland, the Welsh dragon, the Queen’s face and Big Ben.

Please email me about other locals who are in the news at info@drumbegresidentsassociation.com


On 5th December 2006 we had a good turnout for Carols Around the Christmas Tree followed by the switching on of the lights by the Rev Deveney. Music was provided by First Old Boys Silver Band. Santa Claus made his usual welcome appearance though a bit earlier than expected! Soup and hot dogs were provided by the committee.

WINTER OUTING by Hugh Crookshanks

On Tuesday 28th February 2007 a number of local residents enjoyed an outing provided by the Residents’ Association. Conveyed in a City Council Leisure Services bus they visited a garden centre in Donaghadee where they were treated to tea/coffee and scones before purchasing flowers, bulbs etc. They were then taken to Ards Shopping centre where they spent 2 hours seeking bargains. Some returned to the bus apparently successful. All enjoyed the day out and the weather was reasonably kind.
We look forward to the summer outing to Newcastle on Tuesday 12th June. If interested please contact any committee member or use the email button on the website.



Drumbeg Residents’ Association are delighted to be members of Neighbourhood Watch.

We thank Constable Willie Johnston for the supply of items for the elderly, to help to keep them safe in their own homes. Please contact your local member should you need any more items to keep your home safe.

In Drumbeg we have 12 members looking after each area. The name and telephone number of the person for your area were delivered to you some months ago. Please keep this safe as you have the contact telephone number of the Dunmurry PSNI, it is also on our website together with advice about rogue traders, consumer rights and crime prevention advice.

It is most important that you keep your windows and doors locked and keys out of sight. Do not leave keys on the hall table or where they can be seen from outside. When you go on holiday arrange with someone to keep an eye on your house.

Reports of incidents in the Drumbeg and surrounding areas are to be found on the Website. These are taken from Police bulletins sent to the Drumbeg Residents’ Association shortly after the incidents.


Drumbeg Residents’ Association have a number of litter pickers available for anyone who would like to borrow them to use on their walks round the area.


Councillor Basil McCrea Handing over Litter pickers to Alison Keith



In December over coffee and mince pies kindly provided by Clara Crookshanks a meeting was held with Councillors Mrs Betty Campbell, Ward, Poots and McCrea. The DRA committee took them on a walkabout of the area to identify and discuss matters, hedges, verges and footpaths and other issues that needed attention. They were asked to look at the Drum Bridge to see what could be done to keep down the weeds. The footpath on Quarterlands Road has since been repaired and cleaned and two lengths joined together with a length of tarmac. However, part of the old pavement remains in a poor state, being uneven and on occasions very muddy. There has been some work on the Drumbeg Road footpath with the removal of a lorry load of mess. Hedges on the Ballyskeagh Road have been cut.

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