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Drumbeg News
Spring 2017 Online Edition



Over £1,300 was raised at a highly successful coffee morning organised recently by the DRA committee. The money raised was shared equally between Tiny Life, the mayor’s charity, and Cancer Focus NI, the DRA charity for this year.
This was an unique event in that local organisations were asked to help and the Art, Badminton, Bowling, Floral Art, Gardening and Pilates clubs along with the Quilters and the Women’s Institute all rose to occasion.
A big thank you to them and the residents who supported the morning, it was truly an all community event.


ANNUAL OUTING will be to Navan Fort and Centre, Amagh


Going out for a Walk?
Help your Environment
By taking a litter picker and plastic bag from one of the green wheely bins at the Church Gate or at Orange Hall and pick up litter on your walk. Please leave both back again.


Residents are reminded that there are plans to enhance the beauty of our area with tubs, hanging baskets and the planting of trees and shrubs. The Council will supply the technical expertise and help with the planting of the various containers but their maintenance will become the responsibility of the local residents. It will also cut the grass.
As well as the flowers in containers it is hoped to plant wild flowers where there are suitable expanses of roadside grass.
The first phase of this project will start at the motorway bridge and stretch from there to Drumbeg corner extending up the Drumbeg Road as far as the Drumbeg Road sign. Work has already started with 3,000 daffodils beings planted in the verges at the Drum Bridge car park.
The DRA would like all residents to take part in this project initially by discussing with their neighbours which precise areas they would like to see enhanced and by agreeing to contribute to their maintenance.


“the best portion…. little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love”
William Wordsworth

Where do I begin to write about someone who was so well known and loved by everyone who knew her? Clara was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and Aunt to her family and a friend to all. She remained cheerful and accepting throughout her illness and carried on working and helping in the background. She never sought the limelight, but she worked tirelessly at the little things that matter. Drumbeg Church was her Centre where she played bowls, enjoyed flower arranging classes and the Women’s Group along with doing the little jobs in the Church that make a difference. Warm and hospitable by nature she helped to arrange the catering at social events such as the annual B-B-Q or Quiz for others to enjoy.

Clara loved the WI and we loved her. She entered competitions to represent Drumbeg and fully played her part in the WI in her own quiet way. Clara joined a sewing class with friends from Drumbeg and worked on her quilting skills. New babies in the family now have beautiful cot quilts to remind them of Clara and her great love for all her family.

Clara’s family was her constant joy, always being in contact with Jill and George, David and Debbie. She was so proud and rightly so of all her grandchildren Ruth, Matthew, Patrick and Jonathan, always keen to share what they were doing and their achievements.

In recent years, she enjoyed her time in Drumbo UUP and in the Lagan Valley Area Association taking on responsibility roles in each.

Her support for Hugh in all he has undertaken for Drumbeg since he retired is exemplary. She encouraged, helped, advised, chivvied, reminded and loved him. Clara has been part of my life for all of my life and although her family will miss her the most we will all miss her deeply. Humility defined her. Thoughtfulness characterized her. She was kind and sensitive, gently spoken and totally generous in spirit, indeed a completely unique human being who was Clara Crookshanks.

DRUMBEG ART CLUB by Michael Boyd
The Art Club is in its 16the year and is going fom strength to strength. Six new members have joined since September, which is wonderful. However, this does mean that, for the present, the Club cannot accommodate any more members. The situation will be reviewed in September when the 2017/18 season commences.
Planning has commenced fro the 2017 Art Exhibition which will be held in the st Patrick’s parish Hall on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May.

DRUMBEG WI by Anne McAdam
It has been a busy year under the presidency of Sheelagh McRandal. Speakers have covered a wide range of topics ranging from furniture restoration to the history of banking. Recently local business Alix Mulholland spoke on setting up her candle and soap making business now known as “Field Day”.
A visit to the Mayor’s Parlour at Lisburn Island centre in January was hosted by the Mayor Brian Bloomfield MBE and Mayoress Rosalind in recognition of Drumbeg Institute winning the “Institute of the Year” award. Anne McAdam, Eva Orr and Rosemary Reid, won the Clanabogan Cup for the team knitting competition run by the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Northern Ireland.
In addition to the monthly meetings there is a Rambling Club, Culture Club and a craft group. Outings have included a trip to the ballet, a musical evening by Lisburn Ladies Harmony Choir and a visit to the Seamus Heaney Centre, Bellaghy.
The Rambling Club meets on Wednesday mornings and has trips to Mount Stewart and Ballymacormick Point planned.
Crafters meet on Wednesday afternoons and have supported the Neo Natal Unit in the RVH by knitting matinee coats and hats for premature babies.
Institute members recently joined other community groups in hosting a coffee morning in aid of Cancer Focus NI and Tiny Life. They have commented on the LCCC Community Draft Plan and other public consultations.
We are an enthusiastic, friendly and supportive group and new members are most welcome. We meet on the third Thursday of the month in the Drumbeg Orange Hall at 7.45pm.
Why not come along on 21 September at the beginning of our new session.

Despite the notices on resident’s doors, there has recently there has been a spate of cold calling in the Rosevale Area with offers to power wash drives, clean gutters etc. If any resident have experienced this or wishes to ensure (as far as possible) that this does not happen to them contact the DRA chairman Hugh Crookshanks who can supply “No Cold Calling “ notices both large and small.

The 11th year of the DOGS commenced last October. At the AGM John McVicker was elected Captain of the Society for the incoming year. John has been a loyal supporter of the DOGS for many years and his elevation to captain was most deserved.
It is planned to have three outings this year. The first was to Ormeau Golf Club on 20 March. John McVicker’s Captain’s Day is to be at Malone Golf Club on 15 May with Moira McKelvey’s President’s Day on 18 September. It is hoped that the weather will be kind this year and that there will be a good turnout of members.
The Society is purely for fun and fellowship. If you are a golfer– why not join us for a day out. Contact details are on the back page.


DRA ANNUAL SHOW Saturday 2 September 2017
Calling all gardeners, bakers, photographers, floral artists and crafters
Now is the time to start preparing for the DRA’s Annual Show which will take place on Saturday 2 September in the Drumbeg Parish Hall. The programme will be distributed in August.
There is also a range of classes for under 12s including baking, photography, knitting, art.
Why not encourage your children to take part
Every year there is a knitting class with a prescribed pattern usually a garment for a premature baby. These are donated to the local Neonatal Unit. This year it is for Body Warmers

Body Warmer for the Neonatal Unit
After judging these will be taken to the Premature Baby Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital
It has buttons on the shoulders and opens flat so that the nurses can dress baby with the minimum disturbance. The original was knit in 4ply and measures approx 13" round the chest. It can be made smaller or larger by using larger needles and DK wool or smaller needles and 3 ply wool.
Using 4 ply wool and No 10 needles [ ours weighed 15 grm ( 1/2oz)]
Cast on 89 stitches and knit 4 rows in garter stitch [Every row knit]
Row 5 :- Knit 2 yarn over needle, knit 2 together, knit to end
Row 6 :- Knit.
Keeping 3 stitches at each end in garter stitch. Work 24 rows in either stocking stitch or small pattern, making 2 further buttonholes on rows 9 and 19.
Divide for Armholes
Next row:- Knit 24 stitches, turn, cast on 3 stitches. Knit 3 , purl to the last 3 stitches, Knit 3. [27 stitches, work on these stitches for the 1st front]
Next row:- Knit 3 , Knit 2 together, Knit to the last 5 stitches Knit 2 together Knit 3.
Stocking stitch 3 rows keeping to garter stitch borders.
Repeat last 4 rows, 4 times more, then 1st and second rows once [15 stitches]
Next row:- Garter stitch 4 rows
Next row:- Buttonhole row. Knit 7, yarn over needle Knit 2 together Knit to end
Next row:- Garter stitch 2 rows
Cast off
Rejoin Yarn, cast on 3 stitches. Knit 44 stitches, including 3 cast on, Turn, leaving 24 stitches for 2nd front, cast on 3 sts, 47 Sts for back.
Next row:- Knit 3, Purl to the last 3 stitches knit 3
Next row:- Knit 3, Knit 2 together, knit to the last 5 stitches knit 2 together knit 3.
Keeping the garter stitch border.
Work 3 rows stocking stitch,
Repeat the last 4 rows, 4 times more,
then 1st and 2nd rows once (35 stitches)
Garter stitch 6 more rows.
Cast off
Rejoin yarn.
Cast on 3 stitches knit to end
Work to match first front
Sew cast on stitches at arm holes
Sew on Buttons
The Unit also welcome knitted bonnets and bootees which you can bring along, they wil not be marked.

Don’t know where to start?
The floral art club is the place for you. Meeting in St Patrick’s Parish Hall on the 2nd and fourth Saturday of the month at 10.30am the Club is for those that have an interest in flower art but are not professional. No previous experience is needed.



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