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Drumbeg News

Volume11 Issue 1 Spring 2014
Online Edition

Drumbeg Annual Show will take place on Saturday 6th September 2014

The Community Service is on Sunday 7th September 2014 in St Patrick's Church at 11 am. Every one welcome.

HABITAT GROUP GOING TO ETHIOPIA by Niki Wadsworth Deputy Team Leader
On 3 October 2014, 22 intrepid volunteers will set out to Addis Ababa to work on a water sanitation project with the HFHNI Global Village. At a recent Commissioning Service, we discovered that the Drumbeg team will include the five thousandth volunteer to go from Northern Ireland on a Habitat Project - quite an achievement!

None of this would be possible without the help and support of all our friends in Drumbeg who have popped into the Craft Fair, enjoyed Burn's night, a Gala Ball and many more events. So on behalf of my fellow volunteers I would like to thank everyone for their support."

(Drumbeg Occasional Golfing Society)

The weather over the past few months has not be good for golf. Indeed the local courses have been closed for play on numerous occasions due to the poor ground conditions. > Let us hope that the weather will be kind for the first outing of 2014 which is planned for Monday 24th March at Shandon Park Golf Club. Captain Tony Hegarty hopes that there will be a good turnout of members and guests on the day. Tony’s Captain's Day is to be held at Malone Golf Club on Monday 19th May. Based on our previous visits to Malone this should be a great day. Anyone interested in joining the DOGS should contact Tony Hegarty, Moira McKelvey or Michael Boyd

ART CLUB by Michael Boyd There continues to be a very good attendance at the meetings each Thursday in the Church Hall. > On Saturday 8th February an all-day workshop was held with local artist Manson Blair. > This annual event is one of the highlights of the year. It is designed the help members improve their brushwork by watching a painting demonstration by a highly respected artist and afterwards have one to one tuition with the artist.
Members are now preparing their portfolios for the annual Art Exhibition which will be held on Friday and Saturday 16th & 17th May. We hope to see you then. If anyone wishes to join the ART Club please make contact with Michael Boyd or any of the members.

by Sue Wilton
Last summer we set up the Drumbeg Oil Club in conjunction with local oil supplier J H Irwin and Sons. This initially proved to be of interest to around 30 households in Drumbeg. However with only a limited number of requests it proved difficult to achieve a regular and reliable weekly order of 2000 litres. It is with regret that the Drumbeg Oil Club has now closed. A big thank you goes to those that showed interest and availed of the service.

DRUMBEG WI by Anne McAdam
Drumbeg WI continues to meet monthly and were pleased to welcome four new members during the last year. At the recent visitors evening, Roma Tomelty enthralled her audience with stories of her experiences in Theatre in Belfast, and particularly about her father, Joe Tomelty, who created the Radio Ulster series "The McCooeys".
A visit to Sentry Hill House is planned for the May outing and the year concludes in June with the AGM. Throughout the year Cultural trips have included a visit to The Turner Prize and outings to the Theatre and we are looking forward to attending the World Flower Show in Dublin in June.

The Rambling group meets at 10.30am each Wednesday in the car park opposite Drumbeg Church, but have an earlier starting time of 10.00am on the first Wednesday of each month when we go further afield. Walks are followed by coffee or lunch!

The Craft group continues to meet on Wednesday afternoons. We are interested in community affairs and have recently supported the forthcoming Habitat for Humanity trip to Ethiopia by organizing a big recycle under the "Cash for Clobber" scheme. We aim to foster friendships, have fun and support community events and always welcome new members.

Drumbeg Gardening Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in Drumbeg church hall at 7.30pm. Everyone with an interest in gardens or gardening is welcome. In autumn and winter months speakers visit the club and share their expertise with us and in the summer months we enjoy tours of gardens which are both inspirational and varied. Unusual plants are sometimes available for sale and owners are generous at sharing their gardening tips.
Your interest might be to attract more wildlife into your garden or simply to create a space in which to relax and enjoy the summer outdoors. If you have ever thought of trying your hand at growing vegetables, salad leaves or fruit such as raspberries or blueberries why not come along and join us. We often swap seeds and plants and what could be more environmentally friendly? It is not important whether you want to restrict your gardening to a few containers or fancy getting going on a new allotment, much can be learnt from meeting others of like mind.
In May we plan to visit the gardens at Mount Stewart where Neil Porteous will give us a guided tour.

ANNUAL SHOW on 6th September 2014 has 2 knitting patterns

KNIT A DUDE DOLL for children under 12

Make an all in one doll. Begin by knitting a stripy rectangle. In a few simple steps transform it into a little knitted man.

You will need
Knitting needles 4 mm
4 balls of yarn
Soft toy stuffing
Tapestry needle

Shoes - Cast on 32 stitches in selected colour and work 4 rows change yarn
Trousers – work 14 rows, change yarn
Jumper – work 12 rows, change yarn
Head - work 10 rows change yarn
Hat – work 10 rows
Cast off

Fold in half vertically right sides together and sew the long seam.
Gather in head section using a running stitch.
Lightly stuff.
Sew shoe area closed. Make sure the long seam is at back of your doll.
Use a running stitch gathered in to form the neck area.
Use a running stitch form the arms and legs.
Add felt dots for eyes or stitch dots for eyes.

NB. Adult help is permitted when making up the doll



This will be one of the categories in the DRA Annual Show. Pockets will be donated to the neo natal ward. Last year we donated 91 little jackets but sadly only a few were shown at the show. If you do not want your pocket to be judged attach a small label saying so but please let us display it. We of course can not force you to do so.

The Angels Pocket is knit in 4 sizes. It is used on the labour suites for tiny babies who do not make it. Some of these babies are very small and / or fragile, so these little wraps are used. Please use wool no thicker than 4ply in white or any pastel colour. 3 or even 2 ply is fine especially for the smaller ones. Use the larger sizes and adjust needles to suit. They will of course come out smaller.

In 4 ply wool Size 9 needles 3.3/4mm
The finished size does not matter but here are the approximate finished sizes and weights
Size 1 - 17cm [61/2"]square | 20gm [1/2oz]weight
Size 2 - 22cm [9"] | 30gm [1oz]
ize 3 - 28cm [11"] | 40gm [11/4oz]
Size 4 - 33cm [13"] | 70gm [21/4oz]

SQUARE :-[mitred]
CAST ON 75, [101] [125] [151] stitches
1st row Wrong Side
Knit to centre 3 stitches Slip 1,knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over, knit to end of row
2nd row Knit
Repeat these two rows until 3 stitches remain
Next row :- Slip 1 knit 2 together Pass slip stitch over. Fasten off.

TRIANGLE :- [mitred] This forms the pocket
At the cast on edge of the square [2 sides] Pick up 75, 101, 125. 151. stitches
1st row:- Wrong Side
Knit 2 together, knit to centre 3 stitches Slip 1. knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together knit1.
2nd row :- Knit
Repeat these 2 rows until 7 stitches remain
Next row Knit 1, knit 2 together knit1, knit 2 together. Knit1
Cast off remaining 5 stitches.

To finish off Sew lace round the 3 raw edges or you can crochet any suitable edging. Cut ribbon, or make a cord or crochet chain. 16" 18" 20" 22". Using either a large eyed bodkin or medium sized safety pin Thread the ribbon/cord from the right hand seam across the front pocket and out through the left hand seam. Gather up pocket and tie in a bow. If you wish to put a little motif or bow etc on please do so.




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