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Drumbeg News

Volume10 Issue 1 Spring 2013
Online Edition

Drumbeg Residents Association would like to give a warm welcome to any new residents.

AGM Report - 20th Nov 2012 by Robert Dunlop
The AGM was held in Nov 2012.
Representatives from Greater Lisburn Seniors Together, Lisburn City Council, and Rural Support Network gave presentations about how their organizations can help groups such as ours.
A meeting had been held with the DRD minister Danny Kennedy MLA about road noise from M1 Motorway. The Minister instructed Representatives from DRD to install a different material next time the Motorway is being resurfaced. This should reduce noise in the longer term.
The Chairman, Hugh Crookshanks stated Carols around the Tree had been well supported.
He stated an area of wild flowers for birds (had been established at Drum Bridge, and Residents had supported Belfast City Council secure a national Green Park Award for Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park.
The Flower and Vegetable Show had expanded to include Crafts and Photography. The Cross Community Service took place on the Sunday following the show in September.
The Chair thanked Irene Macwilliam for the work she had put into the website and the newsletter.
The Chair, Hugh Crookshanks, thanked the committee and the people of the area for their support throughout the year. Reverend Nixon carried out the election of officers
Rev Nixon stated he was delighted to meet the residents and advised that if we needed assistance the church and facilities were available.
Roger Macwilliam gave an update on Belfast City Council proposals to develop a crematorium near Drumbeg. He said the minutes of BCC meeting February 2012 stated a site could be developed at Dundrod. We should not consider the matter resolved until the Council breaks ground at the new site.

DRA Annual Show will be on Sat 7th Sept 2013. NB there is a category for Annual Show NB there is a category for strawberry jam

The Community Service will be held on Sunday 8th September at 11 am. in St. Patricks Parish Church. Everyone welcome.

Community Hall for Drumbeg
A Community Hall at Drumbeg Parish: At the Parish of St Patrick’s Drumbeg we have come to a decision to revisit earlier plans for the provision of a new Church Hall facility in the Parish.
As we consider the way forward, we are increasingly convinced of the need for the Parish to be not merely geographically in the community, but rather actively part of the community. This has meant the Parish beginning to consider not simply providing a new resource for ourselves, but to provide something of a resource to whole Drumbeg area.
A Vision for a Community Resource: It is the vision of the Parish Vestry to use this facility for the good of the whole community; providing for all ages and sections of the Drumbeg area. We hope to grow, and resource, our own ministry of service to toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens, whilst at the same time encouraging the wider community to use the hall facility for a wide variety of activities and societies etc.
A Site for the Hall: The proposed site for the new facility is the Parish field immediately adjacent to the Church Graveyard, with access and parking off the Drumbeg Road. We are in a process of seeking planning permission, and have employed the Consarc Design Group to advise and lead the process for us. We have advertised for Architects to come up with a design and to take the process to planning; having received 43 expressions of interest from Architectural firms we hope to be able to take the process of selection of an Architect forward in the next few weeks. When outline drawings are available we will have a public meeting in the existing Parochial Hall for all the residents of Drumbeg to express their hopes, views and questions.
A Question of Funding: It is our plan to seek community funding sources, such as Rural Development grants, to help to take the project forward. To this end we are exploring how we might set up a local community based Management Board for the day to running of such a new facility. We are in conversation with NICVA, and are looking at other similar projects to help shape our vision. In the case of grant help not being available, it is still our hope and desire to take the hall project forward using our own resources; with fund raising for the difference. The vision for a community resource will remain in place, whether community funds/grants or Parish funds are used to build the facility.
In the meantime if you have any questions, or indeed suggestions, for the Select Vestry in regard to this project or other ways the Parish could be of use in and benefit to the local Drumbeg community, please do not hesitate to contact Rev Willie Nixon by email : revwillie@drumbegparish.org www.drumbegparish.org

Please come and join us for fun and friendship at Drumbeg WI. We meet in the Orange Hall, Ballyskeagh Road at 7.45pm on the third Thursday of each month (except July and August).
We have a variety of speakers, activities and outings, including a walking group that meets on a Wednesday morning, a craft group and theatre and cinema group.
On March 21st we had a speaker from ‘Tools for Solidarity’. They collect unwanted household tools to be sent to countries where they can be used to give people a chance to improve their lives. This is Visitors night when we invite members from other institutes.
At our April 18th meeting Rosemary Reid, one of our members, talked about her recent trip to Uganda where she helps young women learn about craft work and simple cookery.
Our May meeting is an outing including a meal.
We would love to see younger members coming along to keep old and new traditions alive in Drumbeg as we have been over fifty years in existence.

A Coronation Tea Party organised by the DRA Committee will be held in the Church Hall. Wed 5th June 2013 2.30 - 4.30 pm. This will be similar to our last years Jubilee Tea Party. Everyone welcome.

We are currently looking at setting up an Oil Club which could mean that everyone can enjoy savings currently available to those buying in bulk.
If we can arrange to distribute 20,000 litres in one lorry journey within the Drumbeg area, we will be able to negotiate a discount per litre.
If you would be interested in joining such a scheme can you please email your name and address to drumbegoilclub@gmail.com

In our Annual Show in Sept there will be a knitting category for RAY OF HOPE - Special Body warmer
Adapted by Cynthia
Special Body Warmer (Flat All In One) For donation to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

There will be a section for these in our Annual Show, afterwards our Judge Barbara Farris will pass them on to the Neonatal unit. You can make them and just give them to Barbara if you wish and not have them judged.

This little body warmer has been made by special request from some of the staff on the neo natal units. It has buttons on the shoulders and opens flat so that the nurses can dress baby with the minimum disturbance. The original was knit in 4ply and measures approx 13" round the chest. It can be made smaller or larger by using larger needles and DK wool or smaller needles and 3 ply wool. As always check with your nearest Neonatal unit to see what their requirements are.
Using 4 ply wool and No 10 needles [ ours weighed 15 grm ( 1/2oz)]
Cast on 89 stitches and knit 4 rows in garter stitch [Every row knit]
Row 5 :- Knit 2 yarn over needle, knit 2 together, knit to end
Row 6 :- Knit.
Keeping 3 stitches at each end in garter stitch. Work 24 rows in either stocking stitch or small pattern, making 2 further buttonholes on rows 9 and 19.
Divide for Armholes
Next row:- Knit 24 stitches, turn, cast on 3 stitches. Knit 3 , purl to the last 3 stitches, Knit 3. [27 stitches, work on these stitches for the 1st front]
Next row:- Knit 3 , Knit 2 together, Knit to the last 5 stitches Knit 2 together Knit 3.
Stocking stitch 3 rows keeping to garter stitch borders.
Repeat last 4 rows, 4 times more, then 1st and second rows once [15 stitches]
Next row:- Garter stitch 4 rows
Next row:- Buttonhole row. Knit 7, yarn over needle Knit 2 together Knit to end
Next row:- Garter stitch 2 rows
Cast off
Rejoin Yarn, cast on 3 stitches. Knit 44 stitches, including 3 cast on, Turn, leaving 24 stitches for 2nd front, cast on 3 sts, 47 Sts for back.
Next row:- Knit 3, Purl to the last 3 stitches knit 3
Next row:- Knit 3, Knit 2 together, knit to the last 5 stitches knit 2 together knit 3.
Keeping the garter stitch border.
Work 3 rows stocking stitch,
Repeat the last 4 rows, 4 times more,
then 1st and 2nd rows once (35 stitches)
Garter stitch 6 more rows.
Cast off
Rejoin yarn.
Cast on 3 stitches knit to end
Work to match first front
Sew cast on stitches at arm holes
Sew on Buttons


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