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Drumbeg News Special Cemetery Update Issue

September 2006
This is an online edition so addresses and telephone numbers have been removed.

Cemetery Update-Response Letters

Planning Appeals Commission Letters

By now you will have received a letter giving notification of a Public Local Inquiry into objections to the Draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015. Included were two Questionnaires. These Forms may look alike but you will notice that the issues raised relate to PUl and LN10. Both Forms should be completed and returned. If you inspect the letter it states that the Questionnaires should be returned to the Commission by 4.00 pm on Friday 16 September 2006. We would emphasise to you the importance of making your return. On the Questionnaire it states that if the form is not returned by the closing date the Commission will assume that you intend to rely on your original letter of objection.

We have received queries regarding the completion of the questionnaires so set out below are our recommendations for completion.
Your name will already appear on the Questionnaire: Please fill in your address.
Then go to Name of Agent and enter:
Drumbeg Residents’ Association *********
Telephone number: *****
Will this person be representing you at the Inquiry - YES
On the second page stroke out Section 1 and 2 leaving: I/my agent will make a further written submission and take part in the Inquiry.
Then sign and date the form.

You can then return the forms to the Planning Appeals Commission or leave it to the Residents’ Association’s contact address at *****. We will ensure that all forms are returned to the Planning Appeals Commission in an "impact" presentation prior to the closing date. It is critical that we maximise our return of questionnaires as outlined above.

If you have mislaid your questionnaires and wish to make a return please contact any of the listed members who will arrange delivery of a properly numbered replacement.

The Association/Action Committee objections will be headed by Dr Dale Singleton at the Pre-Inquiry Meetings and at the Public Inquiry.
You will be aware from the last Newssheet that Belfast City Council had appointed new Consultants to review the work of their previous appointees. You may have read an article in Sunday News, on 20 August 2006, stating that Belfast City Council's consultants had produced a report recommending four sites for consideration as future cemetery provision. The sites are Nutts Corner, Hightown, Drumbeg B and Lisleen. The Lisleen site is adjacent to Roselawn Cemetery.

The critical local issue is that Belfast City Council has now identified a site named Drumbeg B. The site is approx 90 hectares which is 50% greater than the BMAP site.

This site is the land extending from the M1 motorway to the Quarterlands Road (boundary from the corner at the Quarterlands development to just below the Quarterlands Road/ Hillhall Road junction).

map showing Cemetery A and Cemetery B
  Drumbeg A


  Drumbeg B


We consider the new Belfast City Council Consultants' recommendations as an even greater threat to the wider Drumbeg community.

We first became aware of this report from the press article and were informed that the matter was to be discussed at the Lisburn City Council Meeting on Tuesday 22 August 2006. We understood that Belfast City Council had written to Lisburn City Council seeking their views on the revised site at Drumbeg. We had a small deputation at. the meeting. The Council unanimously rejected the proposal including contributions from Alderman Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Alderman Ivan Davis, Alderman Seamus Close and Councilor Patricia Lewsley. The Council Officials were instructed to reply to Belfast City Council advising them that Lisburn City Council remains opposed to any proposal for the development of any cemetery in the Drumbeg Area.

The present factual position is: - Belfast City Council has asked BMAP to zone approximately 60 hectares of land at Drumbeg for a cemetery. This is the site which is subject to the Public Local Inquiry. It is our view that Drumbeg B cannot be introduced into BMAP but could be the subject of a separate planning application.

The whole area of Drumbeg is under threat from Belfast City Council's proposals to establish a cemetery and crematorium in the Drumbeg area.

You will recall from our meeting in Drumbeg Parish Hall in April 2005 that we pointed out that Belfast City Council had identified the land from the Drumbeg Road to the Ml motorway for development as a super cemetery. That still seems to be one option which they may pursue. Consequently a delegation from the Association/Action Committee attended a full Belfast City Council meeting on 4 September 2006 to reinforce our objections. This pressure will be maintained and sustained.

You will be kept informed of future developments and your continued support is appreciated.


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