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Bus Service 24 But some of the Lisburn-Drumbeg buses may be a 24 or 24a or 24b
Lisburn Bus Station: 9266 2091
timetable enquiries 9066 6630, www.translink.co.uk

Bus times Monday to Friday as of 14 November 2013. Do check by telephone or on the translink website as there are frequent revisions.

red type denotes it only runs during term time

Saturday Services 521 and 24b

Lisburn Bus Station: 9266 2091
timetable enquiries 9066 6630, www.translink.co.uk


Bins - household and recyclable waste are emptied on alternate weeks.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council - Lisburn Castlereagh

for detailed information contact the Council and ask for calendar of bin emptying.

You can get a Compost Bin from Lisburn City Council for £5. Telephone the Recycling Hotline. 0800 0920246

Mobile Library
Now operates from Ballynahinch Library Tel: 028 9756 4282

Calls at the following stops on Mondays 2018...14 May...... 11 June..... 25 June..... 6 August..... 20 August.... 3 Sept.... 17 Sept ..... 1 Oct..... 15 Oct..... 29 Oct.... 12 Nov..... 26 Nov

Greenvale 9.45 -10.15
Rural Cottages 11,00 -11.20
Hambledon Park 11.25 - 11.50

Rosevale Avenue 12.00 -12.30
Gowan Heights 12.35 - 13.00
Titterington Gardens 14.00 -15.00
Glenside Park 15.25 -16.00


Belfast International Airport (028) 9448 4848 http://www.belfastairport.com
George Best City Airport (028) 9093 9093

Amenity dump
: The Cutts, Dunmurry 028 9049 4600 (Castlereagh) or 028 9250 9453 (Lisburn)
or email: recycling@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk

  • Bogus / Nuisance telephone sales calls
    Please note details of the Telephone Preference Service which will screen out all sales calls. Any that do call are therefore dubious. It is free.    http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/tps/
    There still continues to be incidents where people are being duped by postal and telephone scams advising them they have made big lottery wins. If you have not entered "the competition" you cannot have won.

    Conservation Volunteers: 028 7126 2664 www.cvni.org
    Cycle NI: www.cycleni.com

    Fridges and Freezers etc To arrange collection of a large item from your home or for more information on amentity collection charges telephone : 9267 3417

    Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum: http://www.lisburnmuseum.com/ 028 9266 3377
    Island Arts Centre Box Office: 9250 9254 --- www.islandartscentre.com ----- Arts Information Line 9250 9509 ----- email: arts.information@iac.gov.uk Online booking service to be introduced soon.

Lagan Valley Hospital 9266 5141

Lagan Valley Leisure Plex 9267 2121
Lagan Valley Regional: Park Officer 028 9049 1922: Ranger Service 028 90491 930: www.laganvalley.co.uk for information on forthcoming activities
Finaghy 9050 9214. email: FinaghyRoad.Library@NI-Libraries.net
Lisburn 9260 1749: see mobile library times above
Lisburn Bus Station: 9266 2091
Lisburn City Council: various numbers for particular matters can be found on google. www.lisburncity.gov.uk
Lisburn Health Centre 9260 3203
Lisburn Health & Social Care Group 028 9032 1313
Lisburn Racquets Club 00 44 (0) 28 9266 4340. Fax: 00 44 (0) 28 9262 9674
Lisburn Railway Station: 9266 2294
Lisburn Social Security Agency 9262 3300
Lisburn Social Services 0800 022 4250
Lisburn Vehicle Test Centre 028 9266 3151

Lisburn weekly newspaper. 'Ulster Star': 12a Bow Street, Lisburn 9267 9111

Online Directory Enquiries (free): www.bt.com go to phone book

Planning Service www.planningni.gov.uk
Planning Service :0300 200 7830 (NI Only) or (028) 9151 3101.
Action on Hearing Loss (previously RNID) telephone hearing check 0844 800 3838
Roads Service: www.roadsni.gov.uk

TrafficWatch NI: www.trafficwatchni.com

Ulster Wildlife Trust: 4483 0282 www.ulsterwildlifetrust.org

There have been a number of further recent complaints about "Rogue" workmen in the Lisburn area.

With this in mind, the following details have been circulated on the CSN system, to notify local consumers about their "rights" when dealing with many of these individuals.

Services must be carried out with:

1 Reasonable care and skill
2 Reasonable Price
3 Within a reasonable time
The definition of reasonable is that of the 'man on the street'. The service need not be carried out to perfection or the highest standard. However the price paid for the service would be a determining factor in defining 'reasonable'.

Goods must be:

1 As described
2 Off a satisfactory quality
3 Fit for the purpose that they are normally used for and fit for the purpose that the customer has stated.
Like the definition of reasonable in services, satisfactory quality does not require goods to be of the highest Standard. How the goods are described and the price set the bar with regard to the quality.
If goods or services do not meet these terms then the customer can seek redress through the court system.
If the goods or services cost less than £2000 then the customer has the option of making use of the Small claims court.

Consumer Protection (Cancellation of contracts concluded away from business premises) Regulations 1987 AKA 'The Doorstep Selling Regulations' allows the consumer
1 A seven day cooling off period when unsolicited goods and services
are sold at the door.
2 The goods or services must have cost £35 or more.
3 These rights do not apply to the supply of food, drink or other goods intended for current consumption and supplied by regular rounds men. They do not apply to perishable goods or goods made to order. They also do not apply to the sale of insurance or for the construction or extension of a building.
4 The trader must supply the consumer with a notice of his / her
cancellation rights.
5 The contract cannot be enforced against the consumer if this notice is not given.
6 Failure to provide notice of cancellation rights is a criminal
7 If the consumer cancels (this must be done in writing) they are not responsible for the transport of returned goods but can wait for the trader to collect them.

For Further Advice Trading Standards can be contacted on 02890 253907

Jeffrey Donaldson

Jennifer Coulter - Alliance
James Baird - UUP
Alan Ewart - DUP
Uel Mackin - DUP
Luke Poots - DUP

MLAs for Lagan Valley
Jonathan Craig - DUP
Paul Givan - DUP
Mrs Brenda Hale - DUP
Trevor Lunn - Alliance
Basil McCrea - NI21

Edwin Poots - DUP


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