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Davy Lawther about to step into his bus

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Davy Lawther and his bus.This was a private bus that served the people of
Drumbeg before the Ulster Transport Authority. Mr and Mrs Lawther and family
lived in one of Thompson's Cottages, he parked his bus at Thompson Dye
Works, now the Hermitage.
It is thought the photograph was taken in College Street, Belfast.

David Lawther served in a Royal Navy armoured car squadron in the Caucasus during the 1914-18 war and had been running buses between Drumbeg and Belfast via Ballylesson since 1925. In 1928 he was providing eleven double workings over this route as well as running to and from the hospitals on visiting days. Over the next seven years he built up his business so thet, when he was taken over by the NIRTB he was the owner of eight buses ( 1 Albion; 1 Chevrolet: 3 Commer; 1 Dennis; 1 Leyland; 1 Reo).
taken from 'Early Bus Services in Ulster' by M L Kennedy & D B McNeill

Photograph from Clara Crookshanks



Milltown Ballylesson Ballyaughlis Lawther  Drumbeg and Ballylesson SO 3578 starting handle luggage rack on the roof of the bus