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Drumbeg News

Volume12 Issue 3 Spring 2016
Online Edition

Nurse Emma receiving knitted items from Drumbeg Residents Association. They were knitted as a result of categories in the DRA Annual Show.

Attention All Drivers
As you know we have many children and elderly people in the village and that safety is paramount. Please have consideration when driving in our parks and avenues by reducing speed and exercising caution at all times.
You will have noticed that there have been two accidents recently on the bad bend at the Church the parapet of the bridge and the Church wall were both badly damaged. Fortunately there was no serious injury but please slow down on this bend.

Old Hall Closes
We are coming to the end of an era with the closure, after 120 years of the old church hall at the end of March and the opening of the new one on the Drumbeg Road in April.
On 11th March there will be a "Stew Night" in the old hall to celebrate its part in the community and on 22th May there will be a service of dedication of the new hall and lunch. The Community is welcome to attend.
Many clubs and organisations are moving to the new hall, so don't forget on your regular night to go.

Street Lights

A large number of street lights in the Drumbeg area are not working, much to the concern of the Com¬mittee. Individuals have reported the faults without success so, it was decided to make a list and the chairman, Hugh Crookshanks agreed to take the matter up with the Department.
Street Lighting faults can be reported on 028 9025 3051 if you would like to have a go yourself.

Litter Picking

Drumbeg residents can still be seen out regularly picking up litter, Robert Jordan and Roger MacWilliam on the Drumbeg Road whilst, Anne McAdam keeps Drum Bridge clean. However, we cannot rely on these stalwarts to do all the work for us and all residents are encouraged to help keep Drumbeg litter free.
The DRA chairman, Hugh Crookshanks is organising two wheely bins filled with litter pickers and black bin bags to be placed at the Orange Hall and Drum Bridge. The idea being that any resident going for a walk can take a litter picker and bin bag, fill and return it to the bin which will be emptied regularly. All residents are encouraged to do their bit to keep our lovely area litter free.

Grass Cutting
Last year the DRA mounted a very successful scheme to ensure that the grass verges in Drumbeg were cut, keeping the area tidy and ensuring that there was no problems with sightlines on the roads. As there is no indication that the Department of Rural Development is going to change its policy of one grass cut in the year, the DRA intends to run the scheme this year again.
Money is being brought forward from last year's scheme and if all the households in the area contribute £5.00 each it will be possible to have the grass cut four times in total this year again. A number of residents throughout the area will be nominated as collectors. Full details will be given in the next Drumbeg News.


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